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Don’t Underestimate! Tingling becomes a ‘signal’ symptom of Omicron

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Symptoms of the Omicron variant are reported to be more diverse and not only limited to symptoms in the respiratory system. SA new study by researchers in Washington found that people infected with the Corona virus may experience peripheral neuropathy three times bigger.

Quoted from Harvard Health, peripheral neuropathy is damage to peripheral nerves throughout the body. Symptoms that appear can include reduced sensitivity, tingling, weakness, to pain in the hands and feet.

“We found that nearly 30 percent of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 also reported neuropathic problems at the time of their diagnosis,” said Simon Haroutounian, senior researcher at Washington University Pain Center.

“For six to seven percent of them, symptoms persist for at least two weeks and up to three months. This suggests that the virus may have a lasting effect on the peripheral nerves,” he said.

Based on this study, the majority of patients studied reported mild neuropathy symptoms.

In addition to COVID-19, it turns out that the symptoms of neuropathy can also be caused by other viral infections, such as HIV and herpes zoster.

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