Doom 64 gets a physical edition at Limited Run

Doom. A title that thrills with passion many players around the world. The real ones will tell you that this legendary first-person shooter is best used on PC. On the other hand, there are console versions that come close to it and that of Doom 64 is one of them. And to our delight here it is released in a physical edition on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

Crédit images : Limited Run Games

It is limited that we tell you

It’s never too late to experience Doom and even if you are familiar with the game, this is yet another reason to play it again. Although already available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 for US $ 4.99, Doom 64 offers itself through Limited Run Games a physical and somewhat collector’s edition. As always this is a limited edition, in a beautiful and small cardboard box. This is what we just learned on the publisher’s Twitter account.

So it’s a Classic Edition of Doom 64 which arrives for pre-order next week on
Nintendo Switch. September 25 to be more precise and that will obviously contain the game, with a double poster and a booklet containing interviews to learn a little more about the behind the scenes of the development. And in the list of useless goodies and therefore that you must have at all costs, it is a metallic and commemorative cartridge of Doom 64 (but not functional).

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