Dorian Tropical Storm turning backwards, towards Lesser Antilles and the Caribbean


The tropical Atlantic remained seated for most of August, but things are waking up as Tropical Storm Dorian continues to defer.

From Sunday morning, Dorian was located about 515 miles southeast of Barbados, where a tropical storm watch is in place. Dorian is moving back at 13 miles per hour, while maintaining strength as a close storm of 40 mph.

Dorian is expected to move through the Windward Islands, including Barbados, as a strong tropical storm Tuesday to Wednesday evening, before she can be strengthened over the portal to become a hurricane in the eastern Caribbean.

The National Hurricane Center expects Dorian to move into a stricter environment before Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as high-winds go up over the Caribbean. This may limit the intensification of Dorian or weaken the storm as it comes to Puerto Rico.

The storm threat to Puerto Rico is uncertain at this stage due to uncertainty of forecasting, but it is unlikely that the storm will be as big as Hurricane Maria when she destroyed the island in 2017.

β€œIt should be said that Dorian is likely to be unpredictable because of the marginal environment in which it is embedded and to a small extent,” wrote the Hurricane Center in a Sunday morning discussion introduction. The Hurricane Center noted that there was dry air near the storm which could hinder its intensification.

Storm activity elsewhere

The tropics are busy, in stark contrast to where we were a week ago. In addition to Dorian, we are watching β€œ98L”, a few hundred miles offshore border from Florida-Georgia. The National Hurricane Center predicts that there is an 80 per cent chance of this weather system growing, growing to a tropical storm or even a mid-hurricane, and staying well offshore.

If this happens, he will earn the name Erin.

With the exception of Tuesday's extra shower and thunderstorm activities across the Carolinas External Bank, the only sign of the 98L extant shoreline will be in the form of high waves and ripped streams for Central Atlantic to New England beaches.

In addition, there is a tropical lowered area along the Texas coast, which gives heavy rainfall to parts of the Gulf Coast.

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