Doris Day left her last written wish

Many cried on Monday the death of Doris Day. The iconic star of the 60 died yesterday at 97 years, according to his own foundation. His fans wanted to say goodbye to the famous singer of the famous song What will be will be. But this Tuesday they have been somewhat disappointed after the family announced that they will say goodbye to her in the strictest privacy.

In fact, as the magazine has learned People, there will be "no funeral, no memorial and no grave". This is what your manager and friend has specified Bob Bashara to the aforementioned medium. "Day did not like death. He had difficulty accepting death. " His reaction to this inevitable end was to deny it, to look the other way.

Day did not like death "

The star of Doris Day on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The star of Doris Day on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
(Krysta Fauria / AP)

The actress did not like to talk about dark subjects. A rule that was imposed for both their loved ones and their animals. His representative specified that Day was not even able to deal with the subject of death in relation to his dogs. "I told her we would have to think what to do with them if she died, and her response was: 'I do not want to think about that. Well, just take care of them. "

Considered a great defender of animals, the actress and singer grew up in a Catholic environment, but moved away from him after the death of her husband, the producer Martin Melcher, in 1968. However, he continued declaring himself a "spiritual person" and believed in a god who had given him the voice: "God gave me a voice and I used it," said the artist.

Whenever they talked about issues related to death, the actress looked the other way

"She never let her celebrity affect her. She was always the Cincinnati girl, who had an extraordinary talent and went out into the world and did what she loved to do, "she says. "She was not to blame, and I had conversations with her about how popular she was, and she said, 'I do not understand' about why she was so loved."

On the assets of the actress, Bashara has specified that they be donated to different charities, as well as had established in his will and that one of them will be the one that she created in 1978: the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

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