Doskozil after 4th operation: “Back in old strength”

Burgenland’s governor announces his political comeback after his fourth operation.

“I have recovered very well from the operation and will return to the office in my old strength as soon as I can,” writes Burgenland Governor Hans Peter Doskozil on Facebook. The SPÖ politician was only able to leave the Leipzig University Hospital on Monday last week after an operation on the larynx. He had to undergo a fourth operation there due to a rare disease of the cartilage structure of the larynx. On Tuesday, the governor announced his political comeback.

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Anniversary: ​​One year of SPÖ absolute in Burgenland

“A year ago today we achieved something that we never even dared to dream of,” writes Doskozil in his post. He took the anniversary “One year SPÖ absolute in Burgenland” as an occasion for his announcement of a political comeback after his surgery. The SPÖ achieved 49.94 percent in the state elections in Burgenland on January 26, 2020. Doskozil thanks the voters for their trust: “We are committed to our promises. That is why we are sticking 100 percent to our government program despite or perhaps because of the coronavirus crisis and its consequences.”

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