Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Doubs. Hare die from a communicable disease the man

Several hares, whose dead bodies were found in the Doubs, were suffering from tularemia. A disease transmissible to humans with symptoms close to those of a severe flu.

Several dead hares with tularemia have been discovered in the Doubs in recent months. This disease is transmissible to humans and the first vectors are the hare or the tick, reports East Republican this Friday, April 20th.

Marc Hessemann, co-director of departmental veterinary laboratory , relativises: “There is no psychosis to have, however, we can remember the good practices: pay attention to dead or sick animals in the forest, who do not adopt a behavior of flight, and dress accordingly to protect ticks .

The disease returns regularly in the Doubs

The analysis of the hare cadavers made it possible to detect the disease. “It is observed in the Doubs cyclically, every five or eight years. We are on standby, we never know when it can come back ” added the specialist.

The National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS), the departmental laboratory and the hunting federation have created a network called watch Sagir . Its purpose is to assess animal mortality in the field and to report sensitive situations.

Dozens of annual cases

“The bacterium responsible for tularemia is quite fragile and difficult to detect at autopsies, but it is very contagious. A simple touch or inhalation of the surrounding air may suffice ” , alert Marc Hessemann.

The European strain of tularemia is rarely fatal for humans, unlike its North American strain. A few dozen cases are diagnosed each year in France. The symptoms are similar to those of a severe flu with the appearance of ganglia and the possible suppuration of wounds.

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