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Doug Collins says he hopes Trump gets better treatment in the Senate trial

WASHINGTON – United States representative Doug Collins has once again taken command of the Republicans while the United States House has been discussing President Donald Trump’s impeachment for what is likely to be the last time.

The Senate is now holding the charges and will begin its trial next week to decide whether Trump should be removed from office.

In comments on the House floor ahead of a party vote to accuse the president of two crimes, Collins reiterated his criticism that Democrats were fueled by partisanship and contempt for Trump in bringing these charges against him.

“It was a political impeachment,” said the Gainesville native. “They said,” he was impeached for life. “This shows the real motivation, I think, of the other side. It’s their dislike for this president and the good work he’s doing.”

United States Senator David Perdue issued a similar tone in a statement he sent after the impeachment articles were delivered Wednesday evening.

“While these two articles are totally illegitimate, leader (Mitch) McConnell is ready to conduct a fair trial in the United States Senate and return to work for the American people,” he said. “Ultimately, our goal is to manage it as quickly as possible.”

Seven impeachment managers selected by the President of the Chamber Nancy Pelosi delivered the impeachment documents to the Senate by hand, passing by hordes of journalists and employees who gathered in the Rotunda of the Capitol to attend the procession.

There is a possibility that Collins may have an official role during the trial as a member of Trump’s defense team, although nothing has been confirmed. In the past few weeks, Collins has assisted White House lawyers in preparing their case and is open to doing more.


“We would be happy to assist you in this regard and because we know the case as well as anyone in the country,” said Collins. “But it’s up to the President to decide.”

U.S. representative Hank Johnson, D-Lithonia, posted on Twitter that he praised Pelosi for selecting these three women and four men to serve as prosecutors during the trial that begins next week.

“It looks like a #DreamTeam to me,” he wrote.

Senators will be sworn in on Thursday and the impeachment process will begin on Tuesday.

Collins “in his remarks on the plan also said that he hopes that the Senate, led by the Republicans, will treat Trump more fairly than the Democrat-controlled House has believed.

All members of the House GOP voted against proceeding with a trial, with most arguing that the trial was divisive and unproductive.

“The American people and our President deserve better,” said United States representative Tom Graves, who lives in Ranger. “It is time to put these partisan exercises aside, stop trying to overthrow the will of the American people and go back to work.”

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