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Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Official Resmi v 20.00.00 New Version

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk – One of the best modifcation applications from other wa mods, because this third-party application is different from the official one. That’s why many people like gb wa because of its features.

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There are so many applications that have started to become sophisticated that can do the same thing as GB WhatsApp. But that doesn’t make wa users lonely.

GB whatsapp is the same as official wa, but the only difference is in terms of features. So there are a lot of wa gb who have been hunting for the download link.

If you want to download GB wa, we will provide a free download link that is safe. That way you can enjoy chat features that are not on the official wa.

But before that, it would be nice for you to first take a look at some of the features available on GB WhatsApp. Take a peek at the advanced features of the following wa gb.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro Apk 2022

1. Can View Deleted Status

If you have seen a friend’s wa status then they suddenly delete it then you can’t see it, With GB WhatsApp you can see it easily.

2. Viewing Deleted Messages

Of course it will be a curious hall if when someone sends a message then suddenly deletes it. But you can see deleted messages if you download GB WhatsApp.

3. Download WA Contact Status

Just like youtube, you can download the wa status in your wa contacts easily. That way you don’t have to ask your friends for videos.

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