Dozens of Military Planes Become a Form of China’s Anger at Taiwan


Taiwan applied to join the trans-Pacific partnership, also known as the CPTPP. This then made the Chinese authorities show their anger by deploying dozens of military aircraft.

Reported Bloomberg, Friday (9/24/2021) dozens of Chinese military aircraft were deployed near Taiwan territory this week. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense in a statement even said a total of 24 Chinese military aircraft flew into the Taiwan Air Defense identification zone.

The deployment of dozens of Chinese military aircraft comes a day after Taiwan announced that it was applying to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

China itself is also known to have volunteered to join the CPTPP last week.

The number of deployments of military aircraft to Taiwan territory is said to be the largest number that China has ever deployed to Taiwan’s defense zone in a day since last June, when 28 Chinese military aircraft were deployed near Taiwan in just one day.

Taiwanese officials, as reported by AFP, said that the dozens of Chinese military aircraft deployed to Taiwan also included 18 Chinese fighter jets and two nuclear-capable bombers.

In the past, China has used this kind of large-scale air infiltration to signal its anger at Taiwan for challenging China’s claims to the island’s sovereignty.

The dispute between China and Taiwan is not only limited to military maneuvers, because officials from the two countries also have arguments about Taiwan’s desire to join the CPTPP.

“We resolutely oppose any official relationship between Taiwan and any country, and firmly oppose Taiwan’s joining with any formal agreements and organizations,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a press conference on Thursday (23/9). ).

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