Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Dr. Alex, of Love Island, has been termed “ultimate hypocrite” in relation to Alexandra’s treatment

Oh Dr. Alex, where did everything go wrong?

He started in Love Island as one of the most eligible singles, but, just like his red lobster sunburn rose, also has his overwhelming unpopularity with the two ladies in the villa and almost everything the world at home for his shady actions.

And now, fans of the show are asking that Dr. Alex be permanently canceled for his "hypocrisy" because of his treatment of Alexandra.

An angry spectator found a list of "proofs". showing that Alex was a hypocrite in the way he treated the girls with whom he associated

Sunburn rages like his hypocrisy

Titled "List of Reasons Why Alex Is a Wasteman", the message details all the reasons why Alex is the worst of all islanders – and it's mostly his raging hypocrisy.

The kickoff is given: "1: Ellie got angry because she and her classmates were too cranky and full, literally preparing a kiss, and then cheering when he was shooting , iM asking you".

And continues: "2: Oh but when he loses interest in Alexandra because a blond county house in his gap yah is entered, everything is fine … hypocrisy ultimate".

He may want to stay offline for a while after leaving the villa

He adds that he has a " nice "enjoyment right syndrome" and "it's a doctor so we're complaining and that's what we projected him … HE IS NOT A GENTILUS GUY."

People were eager to share their own opinions on what makes the least of Alex Love Island a beloved candidate. "His monotonous voice with his dead talk is really irritating," said one, while another was bored by his "underbench" comment.

However, he will be happy to know when he finally leaves, he still has some fans who would swing him right on him.

One of them remarked, "He has certainly been a bit of a d ** k a few times, but he was literally the same for everyone present. not that he had something awful but the people who left the villa said how nice he could be and funny.

"They are the ones who see it 24/7 not only the selected clips that the producers show us to match their story. "

He's back in the game