Dr. Polo generates expectations after asking her followers to be aware of a new announcement | News from El Salvador

The popular “Case Closed” judge has her thousands of followers intrigued with her latest Instagram story.

What about Dr. Ana María Polo? In their stories of Instagram, the popular judge of “Case Closed” shared an image where she affirms to her thousands of followers that she will make an important announcement tomorrow.

The Cuban-American asks her fans to stay tuned, a request that has generated uncertainty in those who follow her faithfully.

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Could it be that the successful program of the legal professional is about to end or that Telemundo has also decided to terminate her contract? We must not forget that the famous Hispanic network in the United States surprised its audiences by firing several of its most beloved characters, such as María Celeste Arrarás – after 18 years on the air in front of “Al Rojo Vivo” – and Rashel Díaz of ” A new day”.

In reality, it was about 5,000 people who were fired after the cut promoted by NBCUniversal, last August. On that occasion, the emblematic Dr. Polo he expressed solidarity with Arrarás and gave him his full support.

The doubt arises more strongly after the most recent tbt shared by the also singer. Along with a photograph of her at the beginning of her program, she wrote: “Yes… that’s how my Case Closed journey began! Thanks to all my followers…”.

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But it could also be the announcement that she is resuming her project of making a movie about the show that made her famous. It was in October 2019, a few months before the health crisis began due to the COVID-19, that she excitedly announced that project. Will it always produce it?

The aura of mystery that surrounds this advertisement causes the admirers of Ana María Polo to let their imaginations run wild and to wonder why. But they will have to wait and monitor their networks to find out what it is about.

This is another of the tbt shared by the doctor on her Instagram, which recalls her career. Photo / Instagram @anapolotv

The Latin American born in Havana in 1959 has managed to win the affection of her audiences with that particular style to resolve conflicts and disagreements from her stage in “Case Closed”, but also from her networks where she shares postcards of her personal life, and keeping constant interaction with his fans.

Last “#laborday” (Labor Day in the United States), the doctor posted a video on her Instagram where she highlighted how important and sacred work is, and also took the opportunity to ask her fans to enjoy a day of rest without let your guard down and be careless. Therefore, she reminded them never to forget to protect themselves with their. mask.


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