Drinking coffee can reduce uric acid levels, right?

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Gout sufferers can drink coffee as long as it’s in juices, which is natural. In fact, drinking coffee can lower uric acid levels.

Are you a coffee lover? Have you heard the news about drinking coffee can cause gout?

Some people might believe this assumption, given that coffee is a food ingredient that contains purines.

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Purines are molecules that, when they enter the body, are then metabolized into uric acid. Apparently, coffee is a food ingredient that contains low purines.

Launching a Menu and Recipe Book for Gout Patients (2008) by Rita Ramayulis, DCN, M.Kes and Ir. Trina Astuti, MPS., Coffee and tea are among the food ingredients whose purine content is negligible.

This is because the purine content in coffee is low. That way, it is unlikely that drinking coffee can cause gout.
Because it contains low purines, drinking coffee is even safe for gout sufferers every day as long as in reasonable amounts.

In the Book of Healthy Diet for Gout Patients (2008) by Dr. Rina Yenrina, MSi and Dr. Diah Krinatuti, MS., Also explained that not all foods that contain purines can increase uric acid.

Coffee is included as an example of these foods along with tea and chocolate. Coffee, tea, and chocolate contain purine components in the form of caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine.

If the substance is metabolized, it will become methyl urate which does not form tophi or does not increase blood urinary tract levels.

So, coffee, tea, and chocolate are safe for gout sufferers. In fact, coffee is reported to have the opposite effect, which can lower uric acid levels.

Coffee is beneficial for gout sufferers

Launching the Health Line, there are several reasons why coffee can provide a protective effect against uric acid buildup.

To understand why, first you need to understand how certain drugs work for gout or gout.

There are two types of gout medications that your doctor may prescribe, namely xanthine oxidase inhibitors and uricosurics. Xanthine oxidase inhibitors function by inhibiting xanthine oxidase activity.

Xanthine oxidase is an enzyme that helps the body metabolize purines. Since purines are a source of uric acid, inhibiting this enzyme can help keep uric acid levels low.

Meanwhile, caffeine is considered to be one of these methyl xantin sources. Therefore, caffeine can also potentially inhibit the action of xanthine oxidase.
So, drinking coffee every day can reduce uric acid levels because it can accelerate the metabolic system in the body.

Not only that, but caffeine in coffee, although not always considered uricosuric (increases uric acid excretion through urine), caffeine can function in the same way.

However, a study also revealed that although there is evidence to suggest coffee intake can reduce the risk of gout, the results are not statistically significant enough. (Irawan Sapto Adhi)

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