Driver’s licenses issued in Venezuela are recognized worldwide

The mechanism for issuing the driver’s licenses that was implemented in Venezuela, through digital platforms in June, has the recognition of the international community, so the document is valid in any nation, said the president of the National Institute of Land Transit, Enrique Quintana.

According to the information released by the senior official of the INTTOnce the user requests the affiliation of data for consular purposes, they can use our license in any part of the world where we have agreements.

He confirmed that the Permanent Conference Office in The Hague has recognized this document.

Quintana recalled that on the official website of the Institute, there are tools so that from anywhere in the world it can be verified if people’s data is real, since it is a modern technological platform.

He specified that they have been working permanently, to ensure that users can perform any type of Procedure through digital platform and being able to simplify processes.

He stressed that they have made quite a significant investment, to shield the platform and guarantee the necessary security to all people who carry out any type of management, he assured Union Radio.

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