Drivers will receive a gift, the D6 opens ten kilometers

Drivers who use the D6 expressway, which connects the Karlovy Vary region with Prague, have little reason to rejoice. Other sections of the motorway will be put into operation on 30 November. They are two parts of the expressway, both located near Řevničov.

“Specifically, the D6 Nové Strašecí – Řevničov section and the D6 Řevničov bypass will be put into operation on this day,” said Jan Studecký, spokesman for the Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic (ŘSD).

Near Řevničov, it is a question of putting into operation a short section, together it is only 9.8 kilometers of the highway. “The part of Nová Strašecí – Řevničov is 5.6 kilometers long, the Řevničov bypass is 4.2 kilometers long,” said ŘUDD spokesman Studecký.

The cost of less than ten kilometers of D6 climbed to about 1.8 billion crowns. ŘSD will pay a billion and 73 million crowns to the contractor, which is an association of Metrostav, Eurovia and Swietelski, for the Řevničovo bypass. For the section between Řevničov and Nový Strašec, which is being built by Berger Bohemia together with Porr and Habaucz, then 745 million crowns. All amounts are without VAT.

We are currently working on another section of the D6. “This is the Lubenec bypass, which we expect to become operational in June next year,” the spokesman noted.

There will be eight more parts left on the D6 that will need to be completed. As Studecký stated, they are all already in preparation. “Next year, we expect to start construction of the D6 transfer near the village of Krupá. It should then be followed by sections near Hořesedel and Hořovičky, “added the spokesman of the ŘSD.

On the D6 motorway, the total length of which is 170 kilometers, 90 kilometers are currently in operation, another 15 in operation and 65 kilometers in preparation.

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