DRONE VOLT: success of a bond issue of 1.132 million euros

(AOF) – Drone Volt announced the success of a bond issue of 1.132 million euros. The group decided to proceed with a new issue with the same characteristics as the two previous issues, with maturities in 2022, which had become too small and which were repaid at the end of September 2020 in cash. This issue is similar to a classic loan over 3 years with a monthly repayment of interest (7% per year) and capital in cash.

At maturity, the subscriber will receive additional interest at the end of 7% per annum.

The drone specialist enjoys a repayment option at any time without penalty, as well as an option to repay the principal and remaining interest owed in shares.

The loan maturities are therefore intended to be repaid in cash, making it possible to limit dilution. Drone Volt retains however the possibility of repaying the capital and interest in shares.

Using the closing price of October 15, 2020, the maximum dilution of this issue would be 2.6%. Thus, a shareholder who would hold 1% of the capital before the transaction would thus hold 0.974% in the event of repayment made entirely in shares.



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