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Drug trafficking in Veracruz leaves seven people dead

One of the states with the highest rate of violence is Veracruz in Mexico Y, this Saturday, a total of seven people died, three drug traffickers and four police officers, in several shootings that occurred in the city.

Around 04:00 hours, an armed group attacked a Civil Force, the elite group of the State Public Security Secretariat with more than 70 shots, although it did not cause deaths. For this reason, an operation was implemented to find those responsible and in the community of Chavaxtla Three criminals died, including a woman.

Later in Cordova, still unidentified people killed two agents of the Municipal Police in their booth, which is in front of a shopping center, which caused panic among citizens.

Also in the community The zeros, two officers were shot while doing their work on a patrol car and lost their lives.

In recent years, Veracruz has become one of the Mexican states with the most murders, due to drug trafficking in that place.


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