“Dry closet on wheels” for 2.5 million rubles? In Germany, showed a motorhome based on LADA Granta

The modification was made in Russia, and the cunning Europeans want to help out for it almost 30,000 euros.

The VKontakte community, called For Friends & For Friends, once again decided to surprise the public with an unexpected find. If earlier motorists here shared their memories about old, long-forgotten models of Soviet cars, now they have told the general public about the unusual LADA Granta.

This motorhome was prepared by the Moscow company Lux Form last spring, and the cost of new items amounted to 1,150,000 rubles. The “Grants” feature became not only its readiness to ensure that up to 3 passengers could comfortably sleep in it, but also a full kitchenette, shower and cassette toilet.

Completed the picture of the caravan on the basis of LADA Granta, a full wardrobe, 2 sinks with a shelf, a TV and a mini fridge. Everything would be fine – the camper turned out to be really original and functional, but for travel lovers it’s a godsend, only in Germany they are trying to sell this “happiness” for 30,000 euros (almost 2.5 million rubles at the current rate).

Moreover, from the improvements of this motorhome – perhaps a new folding ladder to the roof, as well as the inscription “Made In Russia” – at least here the Europeans are not trying to fool the buyer, honestly admitting that the Russians were engaged in the development of the model. According to the price list, under the hood of the LADA Granta there is still the same engine with 96 horsepower, so the almost double mark-up for such a “Grant” remains not fully understood.

Car enthusiasts cannot understand why they should pay 2.5 million rubles, because, in fact, this is a dry closet on wheels, which should cost accordingly. It is hoped that such projects will begin to be mass-produced in Russia, in order to completely rid LADA Granta of the stigma of a useless car that is bought only when there is no money left for anything else.


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