Dúchais Bachelorette's home town at Hannah finishes a complex end


Bachelorette Hannah goes home with her four final men, including Tyler C., as shown here, plus Peter, Luke and Jed. (Mark Bourdillon / ABC)

Welcome to young people! If you are not caring for this season of “The Bachelorette” so far: Congratulations. You haven't lost much. This is the point where the sea of ​​six pack doll and Ken doll reduced to four men: Peter, 27, pilot from Westlake, Calif.; Tyler, 26, general contractor from Jupiter, Fla. Luke P., 24, import / export manager from Gainesville, Ga. and Jed, 25, a singer and composer from Nashville.

As Bachelorette Hannah Brown meets her family, she will explain that she has strong feelings for your son even though she is still going through other men. She will expect the guys to say that they are in love with them, and she will ask their parents whether her son is very ready to marry. One of them will jump into his SUV on the move and another will enter a recording studio to perform a very difficult folk song. After these visits, Hannah should have a difficult decision to make about who to cut. Instead, Hannah asks Chris Harrison a host to get an extra rise and keeps them all. Lame, Hannah, lame. You are here to make tough decisions – don't just keep everyone involved. Luke should also have gone out since then.

These are the main moments from each home town date.

Peter, 27, from Westlake, Calif.

Was Peter treated because producers were lost just outside the Mansion? Was it a pilot for a helicopter date on another season. . . and just lying into the presence of this one?

According to Tinder, the pilots get the most right of the dating app. It is a career well suited to this show, which often sends competitors into the sky – or releases them from an airplane – to create immediate love. Peter is cute, sure; it's like Nick Viall's younger, more innocent. It may describe the show's production budget, as its presence on this date means that no additional pilot needs to be employed for their date. It is from Westlake Village, Calif., Which is only three miles from Agoura Hills, where the bachelor mansion is located and cites it on their flight over the Pacific coast. But like many others this season, he has little personality. While he tells Hannah that he does everything safely, in the middle of their flight, Peter takes his eyes out of the skies to kiss Hannah. How secure is this automated site, Peter?

Peter tells his parents that he feels he got “a person.” Mum and Dad are worried that they are worried about their son and hurt his potential. Peter's path through the rose ceremony may have been ready, but here at Air Traffic Control Bachelor, we note that there will be some disturbance in the future.

Tyler, 26, from Jupiter, Fla.

“I can't wait for my family to show you,” Tyler said to Hannah as their date has started. A minute later, he pulls out of his shirt and does just that, showing her the only “family” here: The sixties on his stomach.

“There is no doubt that I am attracted to Tyler,” says Hannah with the camera in a narrow interview. We believe you.

However, she does not spend the full date staring at six Tyler packs. Instead, they jumped onto his boat called Reel Clean, which seems to have been very expensive, as he worked. “Jupiter is everything,” says Tyler, as he looks after the beach community, they have been cruising before. Hannah is sure to surprise her face against Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Later, they dance at tiki outdoor bar, arms hitting the beat as sitcom characters in forgotten late 90s competition credits. Hannah enters the band on stage and tries to make an invisible guitar, which Tyler would notice. Later, she stretches herself, as if Jennifer Gray was reciting in “Dirty Dancing.” As she was thrown out of the air, she soon lifts her clothes, stopping short in her name. the safety, and perhaps through admission, in this regard, at least it is not identical to Patrick Swayze.

Eventually, they go to McMansion's family, where no one is as attractive as Tyler, but everyone is very nice. His father, recovering from a serious illness, speaks in a raspy whisper. “You can't go in love. He only strikes you right between the eyes, ”said this sick patriarch, that her face is illegally shrinking. Tyler seems to be delighted to see his father on his feet as he is going to spend time with Hannah.

And what does Hannah think about all this? “They're awesome,” she ends after they leave the house. At first, it seems she is talking about her parents, but as she pulls her into an SUV later, it seems she is still thinking about her abs.

Luke P., 26, from Gainesville, Ga.

Maya Angelou once had an important life lesson: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” But because Hannah thought Maya Angelou was one of the members of Destiny's Child, she spent an episode of this show searching Real Luke P., despite colored red flag flags guarding his way.

So he's proceeded to Potemkin Gainesville village, Ga., To meet with Luke's family and to hear about how he's not a bad man at all, it's not in any way, is a great person who was not mad problems He never and he certainly does not have preferential black-field eyes that makes you wonder if his soul has left his body. “I want to understand why it's like it,” says Hannah, who seems to want any explanation rather than, “He has a personality disorder, love, that's why.” T

First of all, because Luke is religious, they go to Sunday school, and delivers a speech about his difficulties with a party and drinking: “College, it was not just crazy. I was chasing sex and I was stuck and caught in a sin of all kinds. I remember going into the shower, I remember that I had this weight all of me… I remember listening to God talking to me, ”he said. “He said, Luke, let me go and follow me.” Everyone falls to tell Hannah that Luke is good.

Then we meet Luke's family. His father and brother look like they could be Civil War reactors, but for the wrong side. Hannah is dealing with Luke's difficulties getting along with other men, and the whole family goes into damage control. “That's not like my son,” said Daddy Luke. “Listening to what you say, who's not Luke,” says his brother. And because Hannah just listens to what she wants to hear, she works! She travels from her SUV material. It is a powerful, sinister energy that is in the house. Luke's dark forces grow stronger for the final battle ahead. Somewhere in Washington, as Luke P. rises, Luke S. resigned.

Jed, 25, from Knoxville, Tenn.

The members of Bachelor Nation had their collective breath when Hannah came to Knoxville to reunite with the singer / songwriter Jed – known as the Guy With the Lover. A month ago, singer Nashville, Haley Stevens juicy She said she was going Jed for four months, up until he left a film “The Bachelorette.” Apparently, he told her he was just going on the show to promote his music career and, after that, they would continue their relationship. Then, when he returned to Nashville, he stole her.

Jed kept quiet about this terrible disaster, rather than pleading an Instagram job to an angry audience to stop harassing him and his family. So fans carefully set aside their home date for clues, especially to awaken their mother, who says, “This is for everyone who has confidence in their intimacy and stomach every day. When you adhere to your truth, it is in everyone's interest. ”

Yikes. During a conversation with Hannah, Jed's mother suspects that her son is ready for a serious relationship. (“His path is different,” his manners are polite.) Hannah admits “it certainly affects some alarms in my head.” The rest of his family seem so happy to meet her. But after Hannah and Jed sit down in a recording studio to write a truly terrible song together – “We are falling in love / And I can't get enough / I don't want to go, I don't believe, we came this is written in the stars. ”- Jed says the magic words:“ I love you. I can detect it. ”And that's enough for Hannah.

“Every girl, in their best dreams, wants a guy to write a song about them,” she says. The Bachelor of Nations was not so sure.


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