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Dumpis, an infectologist, predicts when the first Covid-19 vaccines may be available

He explained that there were already a total of 20 vaccine candidates.

Asked which could be developed the fastest, Dumpis predicted that there could be two vaccines in the US, one in Australia and one in the UK, which is currently closest. It is possible that China could also make rapid progress and find a vaccine, but the expert immediately added that it is difficult to comment on this issue.

Part of the 2.66 million euros allocated to the Ministry of Health at today’s government meeting will be used to purchase the necessary medicines. The expert explains that these drugs include antibiotics, including doxycycline, oxacillin, imipenem and cilastatin, as well as amoxicillin.

According to the infectologist, antibiotics do not work on viruses, but viral diseases tend to be complicated by bacterial infections that are treated with antibiotics. As for antibiotics, they will be particularly important for patients treated for pneumonia in hospital.

The infectologist stresses the importance of having the right quantities of antibiotics available, as there are global concerns about increased demand and production capacity.

However, the expert explains that these drugs are not intended for prophylactic use. “Definitely ordinary people should not try to buy these antibiotics, because it will do absolutely nothing,” the infectologist stressed.

As reported, the first case of “Covid-19” was confirmed in Latvia on Monday. The woman, who is from Riga, arrived from Munich on Saturday, February 29, before traveling to the virus-affected region of Italy.

However, the sick woman was released from the Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases (LIC) today and went for treatment at home, Ilga Namniece, a representative of the Riga East Clinical University Hospital, informed.

The woman’s symptoms were mild, and the repeated analysis of “Covid-19” was not positive. She was given recommendations for both treatment and self-isolation for 14 days. The woman should also contact her family doctor.

Her daughter, who did not have a Covid-19 infection, will also go home with the woman.

Mistress did not provide any further comments on the woman’s treatment.

The virus was also detected last week in Estonia, as well as in Lithuania and Belarus. In the case found in Estonia, the sick Iranian citizen had traveled to Tallinn via Riga.

In Latvia, from 28 February, special precautionary measures have been applied to persons who have returned from the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Iran and China.

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Persons who have returned from these areas and who have developed mild symptoms of the disease – fever, cough, sore throat – within 14 days of their return should call 113.

Persons with signs of a mild respiratory infection will be treated by a medical practitioner within one day, who will take the test material for laboratory examination, but the person will stay at home. If a person has severe signs of a respiratory infection, including difficulty breathing, the NMPD will take that person to hospital.

The laboratory will inform the patient and the SPC about the results of the examinations. The person will receive information about the results of the examination within 24 hours.

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