Duque’s empty chair: They ask for the resignation of the official who put the name

The episode of the ’empty chair’ what happened this weekend at absence of President Iván Duque to a reconciliation event organized by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, continues to generate controversy in the country’s political sectors.

Congressmen from different shores questioned whether an event organized to honor the victims has been used for political purposes to attack the National Government.

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In fact, some parliamentarians asked that the official who put the name of the president on the seat, be removed from office.

This is how the Senator of the U Party Armando Benedetti, who said: “What happened in that act of reconciliation, which was really a didactic act and then that event happensThe man who supposedly manages the image of the Mayor’s Office must leave, the silence of Claudia López has terrified me ”.

Benedetti also raised another controversial debate: “Could it be that the mayor had control of the Police last week with everything that happened, yes or no?

Other congressmen seconded the petition made by Benedetti and they also consider that the official responsible for what happened with the case of the empty chair, should leave his position.

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The representative Katherine Miranda, of the Green Alliance, which is the party of the mayoress of Bogotá, said: “Should the person who sent the paper to put in the resignation? YES! Anything goes can not be allowed! We did not come to power to become what we criticize! ”.

The National Government described this episode as an act of opportunism, show and politicking, which was orchestrated with the aim of questioning President Iván Duque for his absence at the event organized by Mayor Claudia López.


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