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During confinement, initiatives multiply in the suburbs

Despite difficult confinement conditions in the working-class and peripheral districts of Paris, the inhabitants show solidarity, says this American media.

The poorest suburbs of France have long had the sad reputation of being places where drug trafficking, delinquency and unemployment abound. This reputation has only worsened with containment designed to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. The media continue to describe the suburbs as places where incivility and the coronavirus rage.
This phenomenon reveals the discrimination doubly perceived by these people who live with limited means. Many of them are forced to continue in subordinate employment and sometimes lack adequate resources and housing.

Something concrete

A phenomenon which also illustrates a certain blindness because it is in the suburbs that some people make things happen. Like Piroo for example, who is in his twenties and who lives in Sartrouville, near Paris:

With this epidemic, I understood that it was not enough to applaud the nursing staff [tous les soirs], he confides. Something had to be done. ”

Piroo – he uses a pseudonym to protect his private life – therefore mobilized Les Grands Frères & Sœurs de Sartrouville, the collective he leads, to encourage residents of the town to donate time and food. The goal is to help


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