Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

Düsseldorf: Seven-year-old killed by father: witness describes dramatic SEC deployment

“This morning, a quarter past ten, we heard the emergency services with Tatütata. Then we are out, then we all had to go back to the apartment. Or everything was shut off. We were not allowed anywhere. Then we learned that there was family quarrel. ”

Siegbert Krieger has lived as a resident in the drama in Dusseldorf itself. A family quarrel on the phone killed a girl from her father. The 32-year-old father was alone with his daughter. When the quarrel with his wife escalated on the phone, he threatened the seven-year-old. The mother immediately alerted the police. A special unit overwhelmed the man though. For the lifeless girl in the apartment, the officials could do nothing more.

The tragic incident occurred in a quiet residential area. The neighbors know each other. That’s why Krieger is speechless.

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