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Dutchman (26) kicked drunk and stunned German (52) unconscious on Mallorca

A 26-year-old Dutchman was arrested in Mallorca for ‘unreasonably’ kicking an unconscious (52) German who had difficulty walking. This is reported by the police on the Spanish holiday island.

He suspects that alcohol was the reason for the incident because, according to him, there is no relationship between the two men, who stayed in different hotels. The victim was seriously injured and taken to a hospital. The Dutchman was arrested for assault, according to local media in a press release on Thursday.

The incident took place in the night from Monday to Tuesday on Avenida Miramar in the resort of El Arenal. Patrol officers saw a man on the stretch of boulevard who had “significant symptoms and difficulty walking.” Moments later, a boy arrived and “without saying a word” pushed the victim, then knocked him to the ground and began kicking himself. Officers intervened immediately and managed to stop the suspect from further attacking the now conscious victim, according to police.

According to him, the suspect did not resist his arrest and will be brought before a court.

Kick to death

The incident brings back memories drama with 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman from Waddinxveen. He was hit in the head on the boulevard in El Arenal in July 2021, fell to the ground and received several kicks to the head and upper body. The twenty-something fell unconscious and died in hospital four days later as a result of brain damage.

Nine suspects from Hilversum – aged 18 to 20 – were arrested on suspicion of involvement in various riots that night on the holiday island. Eight of them eventually had to appear in court. The three were suspected of involvement in Heuvelman’s death. The main suspect Sanil B. was sentenced to seven years in prison by the court in November. He was the only one of Hilversum’s group of friends to be convicted of murder. A trace of the victim’s DNA was found on his left shoe. Four co-defendants received 30 months in prison, the other three received lesser sentences.

In April 2023, during the appeal hearing against the convictions, the suspects announced that they were ready to redo the statements. Five of them are in prison. All the suspects deny having anything to do with Heuvelman’s death. The Public Prosecution Service is convinced that at least one of the suspects must know more about that fateful night than they have shared so far and hopes to get more clarity on who played what role during the call. According to the Public Prosecution Service, ‘the process of establishing the truth is not yet complete’.

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Dutch Dutch a year after the death of Carlo Heuvelman in the scene of the drama in El Arenal. © Videostill

Dutch patrol

A year after the drama with Heuvelman Dutch agents also patrolled Mallorca for the preceding. They operated in mixed teams with Spanish colleagues in the busiest areas from Playa de Palma, the 6 kilometer long beach from the capital of Palma de Mallorca to El Arenal. The main goal was to prevent ‘poor behavior’ by vagrants, but according to local media, the Dutch agents also had to contribute to a better sense of security among visitors from our country, according to local media.

Speaking of poor behavior: Dutch visitors posted a video on social media last month in which one of them could be seen. shit on the face to another tourist who was sleeping on the concrete corner on the boulevard. The 25-year-old author later stated that he was “extremely sorry” for his “humiliating and disgusting” actions.

160 arrests

The police in Playa de Palma have already arrested 160 people during night patrols this season. According to Mallorca Zeitung, this is apparent in statistics published by the National Police on Thursday. Most of the cases involved theft. Officers catch an average of two thieves a day.

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