Dwayne Johnson announced the production start date for Adam Adam


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Adam Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Shazam

Ultimately, Dwayne Johnson announced that he has produced a start date for his highly acclaimed manifesto, BLACK ADAM.

When he was cruising on the Twittersphere, the manicure office box replied to a sculptor who made an excellent piece made by Johnson as an anti-anti-iconic DC, Black Adam. After thank the artist, Hobbs & Shaw The superstar showed that the production was wiped on BLACK ADAM in July.

As Johnson's tweet confirms, the BLACK ADAM project has been developing for some time – since the beginning of 2000 it has been accurate. Recently announced that the assistant directs Jaume Colise JUNGLE JACK, Collet-Serra BLACK ADAM, a project in which Collet-Serra and Johnson will reunite for another top adventure.

Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, Adam Black was first seen in the pages of Marvel Family # 1 (circa 1945). Initially introduced as a Shazam boss, there were both loyal Black Adam between Lawful Good and Chatcat Evil during his comic book career. Although the character did not appear in SHAZAM! The director David F. Sandberg!, Adam Black nodes got a nod due to a flahsback sequence. In the scene, it is said that Black Adam was the former Parent Council champion, who was expelled after seeing his abuse of power as an insult to those who gave him his unique ability.

With production due to start in the summer of 2020, I doubt that we will hear about plot data and about news solutions sooner rather than later.


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