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€ 37 reduction on the 256 GB Sandisk microSD card

After a few days of use, have you already filled the internal memory of your phone, tablet or even Nintendo Switch? Don’t panic, the Sandisk Extreme microSD memory card is the ideal solution in these situations. The good news of the day is that this product is available at half price on Amazon (-51%), i.e. a price of 69.99 euros instead of 106.99 euros.

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SanDisk and its know-how

The Sandisk Extreme 128 GB is there to follow you everywhere. Compatible with all devices with a microSD card reader, the product is easy to install and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your multimedia products even more. Take more photos, add more content to your video game library, more mobile applications… The reading speed of this microSD card is 160 MB / s for a writing of 90 MB / s. Very good performance justified in particular through the A2 certification. This not only ensures high write and read speed, but also that the Sandisk Extreme 128 GB microSD card cannot fall below 10 MB / s write. This is especially necessary for demanding tasks such as recording a video in 4K quality or taking an ultra high resolution photo.

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An Extreme mention that can save your life

However, the product does not have the Extreme label for no reason. This is because the Sandisk Extreme microSD comes with data recovery software. A useful solution if, for example, you have accidentally deleted some files. This mention also means that the product is resistant to shocks, X-rays as well as hot or cold temperatures.

Ready to take the plunge and increase your storage memory? Do not hesitate any longer and take action. The price of this storage card is also at a very attractive price of 69.99 € at Amazon, more than 35% immediate reduction.

Take advantage of the offer

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