E-R, mandatory masks, closed beaches – Emilia-Romagna

New Bonaccini ordinance. Piacenza realigns itself to the rest of the region

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, APRIL 30 – From Monday May 4th they will be
masks are mandatory in Emilia-Romagna in open spaces
to the public and in outdoor places, where it is not possible
keep the distance of one meter. This is what the
new ordinance signed by the President of the Region, Stefano
Bonaccini, whose provisions apply to the whole region
including the province of Piacenza which, based on the provision,
is realigned to the rest of the territory. The measure – explains the
Region in a note – establishes the reopening of parks and
public gardens, but the mayors may order the closure of
areas where the ban cannot be guaranteed
of assembly or safety distances of one meter.

Confirmed the ban on access to beaches and beaches both in
concession that you release, including the shoreline. In the document it is
the possibility of reaching the second homes for
maintenance activities and to practice training and activities
motor and sports outdoors, only individually.