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Each new Unvaulted (and Vaulted) item in Chapter 2 Season 2

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, Epic Games introduced new items, brought back some vaulted items and eliminated some items by removing them from the game. Adding and removing objects and weapons will once again change your goal Fortnite and it will change the way people play.

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Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 2 adds three new items to the game, along with recovering nine weapons and saving four weapons that played an important role in the Season 1 goal of Chapter 2. This guide will inform players about the items Epic has reported Fortnite, what has been removed from the game and what they are and how to use the new items introduced in the second season.

New items in Fortnite season 2

fortnite new items

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 adds three new items: Creepin’s cardboard box, bait grenade and key cards. All of these items are consumables, which means they can only be used once, but each has its own specific purpose.

Key Cards are a new object that is used to open closed doors in certain points of interest (POIs). The keycards are released by the new NPCs introduced in the second season called Boss. Bosses appear in the 5 new POIs. Once the bosses have been eliminated, a keycard will be issued which can then be used to open the deposit of that POI.

Creepin cardboard is a new Bush-like consumer item. It comes in stacks of 5 and can be thrown on the ground to produce a cardboard box. Players can jump inside the boxes to hide and while inside they can move. The box is like the bush in that it will absorb a hit unless the player peeks out of the box, so the player will take damage directly without losing the box. Items can also be thrown into boxes.

Decoy Grenade is a launch that creates a duplicate version of yourself for a few seconds. These baits act alone, they can run, break walls and even shoot enemies. They have 100 health and disappear without losing their load after being eliminated. Baits act similarly to robots in the first season.

Vaulted Items in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

fortnite vaulted weapons

Every season of Fortnite it comes with its fair amount of vaulted weapons. These are weapons that are temporarily removed from the game to change the way players play and to keep the game interesting. when Fortnite Chapter 2 has started, some selected weapons were allowed in the game. With the start of Season 2, a good number of weapons are added, but not without a portion of the weapons from Season 1 being excavated.

Epic Games has decided to bypass all Bolt-Action sniper rifles, damage traps, purple and gold SMGs and green and white rocket launchers. Each of these weapons played an important role in Season 2 of Chapter 2, but is replaced by a plethora of familiar weapons that were unprotected at the start of Season 2

Fortnite vault weapon Chapter 2 Season 2

fortnite unused weapons

In stark contrast to season 1 of chapter 2, Fortnite reported a huge variety of weapons to add to players for their arsenal. Many of which are suppressed weapons to match the Season 2 spy theme. Below is a complete list of vaulted weapons.

• Assault rifle suppressed

• SMG deleted

• Sniper rifles suppressed

• Battery guns

• Mini guns

• Boom Bow

• Grappler gun

• C4

All of these can be found within the normal Battle Royal mode inside the chests, as loot on the ground, and eliminated by eliminating the NPCs.

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Fortnite it is available on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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