Ear and goring very serious to Romn del 3

Ear and goring very serious to Romn del 3



From 7:00 p.m., BALTASAR IBN bulls for Curro Daz, Pepe Moral and Romn


1a.- Silence for Curro Daz, after a task very tripped by the onslaughts of the animal, that without being bad they did not get to humiliate until the end. In any case, the bull moved and it was early, but Curro did not see it clearly. The right, practically, was left unproven.

two.- Silence for Pepe Moral, after a performance of ephemeral transmission to a bull that was very punished in the horse and with which he could only show off in the first series for the right. Bull very firmly and important in the first thirds.

3.- Ear and very seriouscorny for Romn, after a task of exposure and a lot of courage with a bull very difficult and reservn, with which trag and at the time of killing, I set it in a very violent way at the height of the right groin.


Curro Daz: silence

Pepe Moral: silence

Romn: ear

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