Earthquake in the big benches of Europe


So unprecedented has been the coincidence that has occurred in the five major leagues of Europe, all with the same champion as in the past, as is this fever that threatens to put legs on the street to the coaches at the forefront of these deeds . Well, not all. Guardiola, object of constant criticism for his European imperfections, is paid an absolute tribute in England. It must be watched with some envy by his colleagues on the most piled thrones of the continent. To Valverde, Tuchel, Kovac and Allegri nobody or anything (not even a contract) guarantees them to put on their tracksuit next year.

This is how these days the most select football in Europe breathes, determined to dye resounding successes … See More. (TagsToTranslate) earthquake (t) banquillos (t) europa


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