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I am one of EA Desktop’s registered beta testers. I have to say that I am not enthusiastic. The only thing that is positive in my view at the moment is that it is over 100MB smaller. (now ‘only’ 220MB, against package bite 350MB from Origin)

He is now fully 64bit. (not important, just a small detail)
It starts up much slower and loading the start screen also takes a long time. (takes a long time before you can do anything)
The ‘webshop’ is very much ‘on the move’. When you click on a title, you have a moving background and actually always a link to purchase EA Play.

For the rest, it seems functionally identical, and in terms of interface seems mainly intended to promote EA Play. In the current beta you cannot yet set that you want to start with your games. You always start in the store, whether you want to or not. Even when you go to your games, you will see all your purchased games by default, and not just the ones you actually installed. You can do this with a tick, but when you restart it, the tick is off again. You are also still ‘mandatory’ logged in to the chat service that is included, whether you want to or not. You can, however, remain logged in ‘invisibly’. The chat function also always turns out to be a significant part of the picture. (a good wide strip on the right side of the screen, which narrows as you narrow your window. The old Origin allowed you to ‘minimize’ the chat function, making it less visible.

Obviously this is a beta, but normally a beta is ‘complete’, but there can still be all kinds of errors and an optimization step has to be done. Let’s hope they can fix some of the above properly because now it really isn’t about anything.

Edit: one day later:
The application now seems to start up a bit faster, but it is not nearly as ‘fast’ as Origin. (both start very slow, but we are used to that from Origin by now)
EA Desktop starts EA Background Service unsolicited. This is to ensure that updates to the EA Desktop application and your games continue to continue transparently in the background (even if the application is not started). There is no icon in the system tray (system tray at the bottom right).
I have this turned off in the EA Desktop application, but it starts it anyway. You must force stop it via Task Manager if you don’t want EA to keep admin rights on your PC while you’re not using EA Desktop.

EA Desktop uses about 840MB of memory on my PC. Origin about 220MB

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