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Echo scandal: Helene Fischer breaks her silence – Record company stops cooperation

Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer has commented on the echo scandal. On Facebook, she breaks her silence.

Berlin – A first sponsor jumps out, another examines his commitment, more and more award winners distance themselves, and behind the scenes it continues to seethe: The scandal over the music prize Echo attracts ever wider circles. With Volker Kauder, a CDU top politician is involved in the debate about pop music and anti-Semitism. The trigger was the Echo trophy for a criticized as anti-Semitic rap album.

The juice manufacturer Voelkel announced on Wednesday his withdrawal as a sponsor of the music award. The award winners Kollegah and Farid Bang drew in a rewarding song “in a shameful way comparisons to victims of the Holocaust”. The automaker Skoda, who drove stars and gala guests in 75 vehicles, meanwhile, expects “a quick and clear work-up by the organizer,” as a spokesman said. “If the result does not convince us, we will definitely not continue the existing sponsorship contract at this event.”

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Union faction leader Kauder criticized in conversation with the Swabian newspaper the German music industry sharp. “Even the Echo Award ceremony for these rappers was an incredible mistake that made any historical sensitivity miss. In the face of growing anti-Semitism, the prize should never have gone to artists who play with the Holocaust in their lyrics and obviously are completely unreasonable. “Kauder said,” One should abolish this price. ”

Record company is behind Kollegah and Farid – but stops cooperation

The record company BMG, however, initially behind the controversial album: “We take artists and artistic freedom seriously, and we do not tell our artists what should contain their texts and what not,” said the daughter of the media company Bertelsmann on Wednesday on request in Berlin With.

But now the record company has stopped the cooperation with the two artists for the time being. “We had the contract for an album. Now we let the activities rest to discuss the attitude of both parties “, CEO Hartwig Masuch said the on Thursday , “We apologize to the people who feel hurt.”

However, the BMG leader Kollegah and Farid Bang also defended against the charge of anti-Semitism. “I also find these lines tasteless,” says Masuch. “My collaborators and I are in contact with the artists and they clearly distance themselves from any form of anti-Semitism. We do that too. ”

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The Ethics Advisory Board of the Music Prize allowed it to be awarded. “We affirm our commitment to artistic freedom as long as the artists abide by the law,” said BMG.

However, it contains lines of text such as “My Body More Defined than by Auschwitz Inmates” and “Make another Holocaust, come on with the Molotov.” That this music was praiseworthy at the Echo, had triggered fierce criticism. Whether the album as previous for reasons of youth protection on the index, is still open, according to the Federal Audit Office in Bonn. A decision is expected at the end of June.

The old guard speaks – and the young artists are silent

The longtime music presenter Peter Illmann (“Formula One”) was “horrified” by the award for Kollegah and Farid Bang. He would have thrown the prize at the feet of the musicians, Illmann said. “I also urge younger artists like Helene Fischer or Mark Forster to distance themselves, like Maffay and Westernhagen, from texts that glorify violence or are anti-Semitic.” Illmann also called for a boycott of the controversial album.

So far, mostly older musicians had spoken to the word. Campino was the only one at the show last Thursday who denounced on stage that a limit had been crossed. Several winners want to return their trophies, except for Marius Müller-Westernhagen but mostly from the classical music sector. On Wednesday, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under Chief Conductor Mariss Jansons distanced himself from his Echo Awards.

Helene Fischer breaks her silence

Meanwhile, Helene Fischer has broken her silence on Facebook. It is not her way of expressing herself in public in this way, but it annoys her that this topic is linked with her name in this form. The singer found the appearance of the two rappers inappropriate and shameful, and she hopes “that all those responsible will rethink the implementation of the ECHO. One should have thought beforehand whether violence, hatred and anger must be given such a large presence on television, “she writes on her Facebook page.

The Federal Association of the music industry has now designated the price of the rap album as a mistake and wants to revise the commercially criticized award. The Echo is the most important German music prize. He will be awarded after sales and jury recommendation. In disputed cases an advisory board is called. In the case of the rap album, it was said before the ceremony that artistic freedom was “not so materially transgressed” in the text that an exclusion would be justified.

After the German Cultural Council announced on Wednesday, the President of the German Music Council, Martin Maria Kruger, his resignation from the Echo Advisory Board. The panel’s decision not to take the controversial album out of the echo race was a mistake.

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“My music spreads love”

Charlotte Knobloch, the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said the Bundesverband Musikindustrie’s insight was hesitant and late, “but it came and hopes that a credible reversal in thought and action can be expected.” Knobloch continues: “Hats off to the courage of the winners who no longer want to support this award!”

The Frankfurt singer Namika said: “You can certainly discuss the texts in many places. This often goes too far for me, and I often find that tasteless. Farid knows that, too. I distance myself from everything that spreads hatred. My music spreads love, “said the 26-year-old of the German Press Agency.

Rapper Farid Bang had apologized in early April for possible injuries on his Facebook page after the criticism became public. Kollegah and he would distance themselves from “any form of anti-Semitism or hatred of minorities”. Kollegah said at the end of March that Jewish fans would now have life-time free admission to every duo concert.

Derb border crossings are among the stylistic devices in rap. On the older album by Kollegah and Farid Bang, “Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 2”, the Federal Examination Office for Juvenile Media wrote in 2014: “The panel classified the contents of the CD as harmful to minors, because they act as a threat, incite violence and discriminate against women and homosexuals . ”


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