Economic crisis – Vouchers to support local commerce

Alfonso Gomez, Administrative Advisor in charge of the Department of Finance, Environment and Housing.

Lucien Fortunati

The Town’s Administrative Council is making a new financial effort to help traders. In charge of Finance, Alfonso Gomez details the measures.

What does the voucher system consist of?

We will offer the population vouchers of 20 francs, 50 francs and 100 francs, with a 20% discount financed by the City, in partnership with Fondetec (municipal foundation for the development of jobs and the economic fabric) . Citizens will be able to obtain the vouchers on the site, which brings together around a hundred local businesses. Fondetec will prospect to allow interested businesses to join the platform. Customers who buy a voucher from a business that accepts the local Léman currency will also receive a 20 Léman voucher equivalent to 20 francs. The businesses that join the network will receive the same amount.

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