Edison Flores and Ana Siucho would become parents | SPORTS

The spoiled child continues to grow, his smile that transmits innocence and his joy would now invade a country that engulfs him.In the last two rounds of the Qualifiers, he was not among the highlights of the national team, his performance was not ideal, but he and his wife Ana Siucho would have a compelling reason to be happy.

Everything indicates that they have decided to consolidate the family. In the most intimate circle of the couple it is said that the footballer would debut as a father.

Before the left-hander landed on Peruvian soil, his wife would have passed the rigorous tests and would have tested positive. The spouses have asked for total secrecy from their most closed environment, because they assume that it is a short time to announce it publicly and it is best to wait for the pregnancy to take place calmly and step by step.

The following days are decisive for the news to become official and the networks ‘explode’ greeting perhaps the player who arouses the most tenderness among Peruvian fans.

In Collique they cannot believe it, the boy from the Fourth Zone, shy and on a good footing, would soon have his offspring.


’Orejas’ got married on December 21, 2019 at the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús church and the wedding was broadcast nationally.


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