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Edition Nancy et agglomération | At La Mie D’or, we treat chocolate in all respects

It is like that of small village businesses which do not pay mine, but where we come out with real nuggets. Like at La Mie d’Or, where the chocolate is homemade, poured by hand into the molds, and painted with a brush with colors that make young and old dream. And it’s not an easy task …

A goldsmith’s work

The artisans devote their Monday, normally day off. First, Philippe passes a cotton ball through the molds to remove all traces, then he passes a brush inside to remove the chocolate residue used the previous time. Philippe can then make a first coat. Then Corinne rubs the edges of each mold to erase everything around it.

After drying, Philippe pours the chocolate respecting the temperature curve, essential for the final success. Once the delicate release is done, there is the bonding of the subjects. Then Elysa then intervenes with her brush and powder. She will take each subject one by one and dress them in gilding, white and red.

Rubys chocolate to discover

Saint Nicholas seem to be mistaken for their Patron Saint and sometimes even pose with the 3 boys he saved from the cauldron. Santa Claus are overweight and are sometimes harnessed to reindeer with the hood on their back. As in the family we always seek to innovate, we also manufacture table decoration subjects, such as these stilettos or these guitars which will decorate each place of the guests.

New this year, Rubys chocolate which gives a metallic pink color and a fruity fragrance appreciated by gourmets. As with many merchants the end of the year is synonymous with great pressure, but what satisfaction to see on the windows all these subjects in shimmering colors and the flavor of authentic.


In just a few years, Mie D’or went from 15 kg of chocolate made to 45 kg at Christmas. For Easter production tripled. A true priesthood when you know that there are 4 hours of work for each subject.

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