Edomex. Del Mazo proposes to restructure the state administration

The governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, sent to the local Legislature a series of proposals to restructure the state administration, among them, the creation of the Secretariat for Women stands out.

A few days after the eviction of feminist groups from one of the headquarters of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico was recorded (Codhem), located in the municipality of Ecatepec, the state Executive will present this initiative to the Mexican Congress.

Through a statement, it was announced that upon the creation of the Secretariat for Women, It would have among its functions to guarantee equal access to opportunities, empowerment, and the exercise of rights Women’s.

The document also explains that this agency will implement public policies, programs and actions related to substantive equality between women and men, the mainstreaming of the gender perspective, as well as the eradication of violence against women based on gender and social conditions.

The objective, it is stated, is to promote the policy of empowerment of women, it will have in its scope to implement affirmative actions that reduce social gaps, as well as to guarantee the comprehensive protection of girls and women, and work for the elimination of any kind of discrimination.

In addition, it will monitor the actions that are part of the mechanism of Gender Violence Alerts declared in the entity.

The document signed by Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, which was sent to the Legislature on September 14, also foresees the merger of the Secretariats of Urban and Metropolitan Development and that of Public Works, in the Secretariat of Urban Development and Work, said agency will have attached the Feasibility Commission of the State of Mexico in order to unify in a single agency the main responsibilities for issuing the Single Feasibility Opinion (DUF).

More changes

The Communications Secretariat and the Mobility Secretariat are also merged into a unit that will maintain the name of the Mobility Secretariat.

The initiative also considers the merger of the Secretariats of Culture and Sports and Tourism, in the Secretariat of Culture and Tourism, which will link society with the entity’s cultural, tourist and craft activities.

This proposal also modifies the name of the Secretariat of Agricultural Development to establish itself as the Secretariat of the Field, also integrating the entity’s Protectora de Bosques.



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