Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Egypt orders new life sentence for Muslim Brotherhood leader

CAIRO – An Egyptian court sentenced five people, including the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group, who was declared illegal, to life imprisonment for inciting violence and supporting activists.

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Mohammed Badie and five others for providing weapons, ammunition and explosive devices to Islamist militants.

Wednesday's sentences are not subject to appeal. The court also acquitted six leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, including former president Saad el-Katatni, in the same lawsuit.

The suspects were also charged with inciting riots, violence and premeditated murders outside the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Mokattam district of Cairo in 2013, leaving nine dead and 91 wounded.

Since his arrest in 2013, the head of Brotherhood Badie has received several death sentences at the end of several trials. The charges included inciting violence and planning attacks against the state.

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