Eight circumstances in which the company is obliged to grant you days off


Many workers are unaware that certain situations exist, such as being a member of a polling station or taking an exam, which can not serve as an excuse to subtract rest days. Therefore, the experts of the claiming website have compiled eight circumstances in which all employees have the right to enjoy days or free hours without being deducted from their salary or vacation.

1. Contract marriage

Workers are entitled to paid leave of 15 calendar days in case of marriage. It should be pointed out that workers who have decided to become a de facto couple do not have this permit guaranteed, which will depend on what is established in their collective agreement. If he does not collect anything, the workers who formalize their relationship as a couple will not be able to enjoy this permit, as indicated by the National Court in a sentence dated January 8, 2018.

2. Search for a job

Unlike the previous one, this is one of the most unknown paid leave by workers. It can be requested only in cases of objective dismissal and has a duration of six hours per week from the time of the notice of the objective dismissal to the date of termination of the contract. The notice in the dismissal for objective reasons is 15 days.

3. Submit to an exam

All those workers who are studying regulated studies will be able to enjoy the time necessary to attend an exam. This is also applicable, point out from the reclamador.es, to the workers who are taking out their driver's license and must attend both the theoretical and practical tests.

4. A duty of a public and inexcusable nature

Among these situations are, for example, to be elected as a member of a polling station or a popular jury. In these circumstances, the company is obliged to allow the worker to go to perform these functions and pay the salary day of that day. This day or days can not be discounted from the employee's vacation, underlines the online legal services company.

5. Change of address

Removals entitle workers to enjoy one day of paid leave, according to the Workers' Statute. However, there are many collective agreements that extend this permit to two days or more.

6. Go to the doctor

Either to take the youngest children to the doctor or to have to go to prenatal exams or preparation for childbirth, workers can request a paid leave for the duration of the medical consultation, clarify from the claimant.

7. Breastfeeding permit

The father or mother is entitled to one hour of daily leave for nine months after the worker's reinstatement from maternity or paternity leave. It is also possible to accumulate the hours corresponding to breastfeeding and enjoy this paid permission at one time.

8. Representation of workers

Workers' representatives also have the right to enjoy paid leave to perform their duties. These are usually set in each collective agreement.


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