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EIZO FlexScan EV2490: 23.8 inch IPS and extensive USB-C functionality as a docking center

Just yesterday, ASUS presented the Pro Q670M-C-CSM, a pure business mainboard with high security standards. A new office monitor from EIZO with many useful features follows today. The FlexScan EV2490 comes with an IPS display with a diagonal of 23.8 inches and comprehensive USB-C functionality for high flexibility.

The EIZO Flexscan EV2490 will be available in black and white from mid-April. The 23.8-inch IPS display has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a maximum horizontal refresh rate of 60 Hz. In general, the IPS display can display 16.7 million colors, but thanks to the frame rate control support two bits are added to the eight bits, so that 1.07 billion colors can be represented.

EIZO’s FlexScan EV2490 sets high standards when it comes to connection options. Apart from one DisplayPort and one HDMI each, the monitor has a USB-C upstream and downstream port with extensive features.

Video, audio and network data can be transmitted via the USB-C upstream port. For the latter, there is also an RJ-45 network port (gigabit LAN) as an input. This feature is particularly interesting for notebooks without a LAN interface. The USB-C downstream port, on the other hand, enables daisy chaining and is supported for up to four displays. At the same time, the battery of a smartphone, tablet or notebook can be charged with a maximum charging power of 15 W, so that the corresponding mains adapter is no longer required. With the USB-C upstream, on the other hand, it is up to 70 W for the power supply. KVM support is also generally available, so that two computers can be connected to the FlexScan EV2490 if required.

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Other connections include three USB 3.2 Gen1 ports for keyboard and/or mouse and an additional 3.5 mm jack for audio output. A very slim bezel of only one millimeter on the left, right and top is also advantageous. When it comes to ergonomics, the EIZO FlexScan EV2490 has all the important functions. The monitor can not only be adjusted in height, but can also be changed in inclination as well as rotated and pivoted. The controls have been realized in an electrostatic way, so there are no mechanical buttons.

We have already mentioned availability from mid-April. EIZO offers the FlexScan EV2490 for a recommended retail price of 599 euros.

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