September 17, 2019

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El Drogas will publish 42 new songs in October. Deia, Bizkaia News

bilbao– Navarro rocker Enrique Villarreal (Iruñea, 1959), known as El Drogas and former leader of Barricada, will publish up to 42 songs on October 4 under the title of I just want witches tonight without company(Warner) This vast repertoire will be divided into five compact discs, each with a different sound.

When the light comes out it is the new single and first video clip of the album, shot in the old town of Iruñea with the band surrounded by people who gathered to participate in what became a great party. It represents the advancement of the future album of El Drogas, which will be titled I only want witches tonight without company, a verse from Leopoldo María Panero's poems. The album also incorporates several by Eduardo Galeano.

The Basque rocker proposes a journey through 42 stories eclectically instrumented by his usual bandmates, in addition to interesting collaborations throughout the journey, such as Natxo Zabala with his classical guitar, the voice of Carolina De Juan, leader of Morgan, and the Bluesman and also actor Jimmy Barnatán.

Each of the five albums will feature a musical setting (rock, hardcore, black, industrial music …), thematic, art or different co-production.

Different bells El Drogas has added different tones and timbres to each of the five albums of his project. In Acoustic Doorbell includes some of the most luminous lyrics of his career in songs like You have two hands Y When the light comes outwhile in the case of Europe (Rusty Doorbell), opt for hardcore, uncomfortable melodies and sharp lyrics, some on immigration, on tough issues like It's over now.

In Rogue bellYof bullanga opt for the r & blues and dark and arrabal lyrics in songs like Ax and chalk, Meanwhile in Cast bell bet on industrial and synthetic arrangements, and cinematic stories focused on the Phoenix story by Julio Ramón Ribeyro. Finally, El Drogas breaks the unit on the last album, Wrong bell, in which he combines nudity and distortion, although he does focus on love asleit motiv.