El Peralada makes it clear that the contract of affiliation with Girona is in force

Faced with doubts, forcefulness. In the last hours, and as a result of the announcement of Nitus Santos as the new sports director of Peralada, while the continuity of Second Division B hangs from one thread, it has been speculated that there is a possible divorce between Girona and the set alt -ordered Far from that, Peralada reaffirmed the link through the social networks: "The agreement of affiliation between CF Peralada and Girona FC, valid until the 2020/21 season, is explicit as regards the fact that the slope Sporting is the exclusive responsibility of Girona FC. The appointment of Mr. Nitus Santos as the sports director of CF Peralada does not include in his tasks to intervene in the sports management of the Peralada-Girona B ». His president, Miquel Llobet, already sent a similar message a couple of days ago, which ended like this: "Speculations are free, reality is the one that is."

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