El Sarri celebrates the promotion to Silver Honor Division (31-22)


A big celebration that is celebrated in Sarrià and Avilés, the Asturian city where the team of Pere Coll celebrated this historic morning's promotion to the Silver Honor Division, the second category of Spanish handball. The gironins have completed an impeccable promotion phase, winning their three games, today 31-22 against Calvo Xíria, and reaching the goal for the big door. At the end of the match, joy broke into Avilés and Sarrià, where fans who could not travel to Asturias followed the game on a giant screen.

As in all the games of this phase, Sarrià has always been in command. The first striker has made it to the final stretch of the first half, with a great performance by goalkeeper Guitart. At the break those of Pere Coll won 16-12. El Sarrià continued to resign and sent 10 minutes to the end by placing five goals above. Calvo Xíria ended up lowering his arms and Sarrià ended up winning again.

Next season, there will be a silver derby from Girona. El Sarrià will premiere and Bordils will be hosting its seventh consecutive season. In addition this year the Banyoles has achieved the promotion to Primera Nacional, evidencing the sweet moment of the Girona handball. El Sarrià had climbed to Plata in 2011 in the phase at the Palau but he resigned for economic reasons. Now he has achieved success again and will make the leap with all the ambition of the world.



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