El Tiempo, Semana, Play Station, Airbnb pages fell in Colombia

On the morning of this Thursday, July 22, failures were reported in several web pages that work for Colombia and the world. Those affected were all companies that have services with Akamai Technologias, a company that had a software configuration update that caused the crash.

Colombian media such as El Tiempo, Portfolio, Futbolred, The Country of Spain, The Spectator, Week, among others, they did not work for almost an hour and they left doubts in some of their readers.

But they weren’t the only ones affected. Internationally, other media such as La Nación (Argentina) and El Comercio (Peru), El Mercurio (Chile) and La Tercera (Chile) were also unable to update their content during the time of this failure.

The communications industry was not the only one affected. In social networks, the fall of web portals of Banco Santander and Banco Estado, in Chile.

International transaction pages also suffered from this situation. In almost all countries it stopped working Airbnb, Amazon, American Express, HBO Max, Play Station y FedEx.

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Why did these web pages go down?

The failure is due to the software update provided by Akamai Technologies, an organization that is charged with accelerating service for websites and applications for these and other pages around the world.

In their Twitter account they released what happened and ruled out that this was an attack on security of what they offer to their customers.

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There was in the DNS system, the system that directs browsers to websites. The outage lasted up to one hour.to. By reversing the software configuration update, the services resumed normal operations. We can confirm that this was not a cyber attack against the Akamai platform, ”they said.


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