January 19, 2020

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Elche pardons Alcorcn (1-1)

The ilicitano team forgives clear chances against an opponent that maximizes theirs. Dani Calvo ahead of the franjiverdes, who turned goalkeeper Dani Jimnez into the hero of the game. Pacheta's group adds three days without winning.

Josan before an Alcorcn player.

Elche does not finish finding the position in the Martnez Valero.He let two other points away at home after Alcorcn after a game in which, without being brilliant, he did make merits and produced more than enough chances to get the victory. Dani Jimnez, goalkeeper of the potter set, was the figure of a game that left Elche, once again, with honey on his lips and the feeling that he still lacks killer instinct to close the games.

It is no coincidence that the Alcorcn is the only team of the first three categories of Spanish football that has not lost at home, but rarely was it as close to doing it as in the Martnez Valero. Elche had him on the ropes in several phases of the game, but he was saved from falling to the canvas thanks to his goalkeeper and the lack of a toe. There are two incredible failures of Folch and Qasmi in the memory, who at a vacant door and a few centimeters from the goal line missed their shots.

Arranc the Alcorcn better than Elche, which Bada had to wake up a quarter of an hour after making a superb stop shot by Pomares. The action unleashed Elche, which Gonzalo Villar and Ivn Snchez threw in a large first half. The end was a nightmare for Laure, but the Andalusian arrivals never found a shot.

It was through the stopped ball that Elche managed to put Jimnez in trouble. First in a header from Dani Calvo who hit an opponent on his way to the net. Shortly afterwards, it was Fidel who slammed the ball into the crosshead after a free-kick. And finally, to the third, came the goal of Dani Calvo, who picked up a rejection of the crossbar after a shot by Folch to score a goal, already in the last minutes of the first act.

The game is put to Elche downhill, butin the first minute of the resumption everything was twisted with the goal of Alcorcn, the result of an action of great quality of Pomares.The inside controlled with the chest a ball inside the area and beat Bada with a shot adjusted to the stick.

The tie broke the game. Elche, already without Villar, injured, lost patience in his game, but threw himself with everything for the second while Alcorcn sharpened his claws against it. Sosa was able to overtake the potters after a cross shot, but clearer was the occasion of Qasmi, to whom Jimnez, in a show of reflexes, tapped a shot at point blank range.

AlsoFolch, in the midst of a local offense, was able to score at goal, but his shot went through the goal line without any teammate being able to push the ball. Josan's entrance gave Elche a more offensive mordant. The crevillentino sought to surprise Jimnez with a chut center that the goalkeeper returned to take with reflexes.

Again Jimnez returned to take a shot from the front of Folch next to the stick, although the clearest chance came in recent moments, when the Alcorcn was with one less for the expulsion of Laure. An offensive adventure of Dani Calvo ended with a shot that the goalkeeper saved, but he refused to stay at the feet of Qasmi, who from the small area and to the cow door sent the ball over the crossbar.The action resumi the I want and I can not of the Elche,who only missed one goal to round off a good performance.

Technical Sheet

Elche:Edgar Bada; Tekio, Gonzalo Verd, Dani Calvo, Juan Cruz; Ivn Snchez, Folch, Villar (Mfulu, min. 51), Fidel (Josan, min. 69), Nino (Pere Milla, min. 78) and Yacine Qasmi.

Alcorcn:Dani Jimnez; Laure, David Fernndez, Diguez, Pomares; Arribas (lex Mula, min. 53), Luis Perea, Boateng (Dorca, min. 82), Sosa; Rui Costa (Sandaza, min. 63) and Stoichkov.

referee:Polished Santana (Canarian Committee). He showed Sosa, Mula and Diguez a yellow card for Alcorcn, and Dani Calvo and Folch for Elche. Laurette drove straight in the 86th minute with an elbow to Gonzalo Verd.

Goals:1-0, min. 37: Dani Calvo. 1-0, min. 46: Pomares.

Incidents:Match corresponding to the twenty-fourth day of the SmartBank League played at the Martnez Valero stadium before 8,846 spectators.

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