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Elderly .. Is fasting Ramadan without risk to your health?

Cairo – By Mohammed Salah – Thursday 3 Shaban 1439 10:01 AM – A few days and we have the holy month of Ramadan, and most of the elderly are keen to fast Ramadan despite their health, and this year coincides with the month of Ramadan with high temperatures in summer and long fasting period Therefore, we present in the following lines a set of tips for healthy and safe fasting for the elderly.

Dr. Wala Wissam, Consultant and Assistant Professor of Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, told “Gulf 365” that only the doctor can determine the fasting of the elderly or not based on several factors, including the health status of the elderly, for example high or low pressure Blood and sugar may make the elderly unable to fast.

She added that the aging of diseases such as: heart, renal failure, tumors put the elderly in danger of fasting and not eat or drink for long hours.

Fasting the elderly

Dr. Walaa gave some food tips to the elderly to fast during the month of Ramadan:

1 – Eat foods full of nutrients from protein, vitamins, fats, starches and others at the breakfast table in Ramadan.

2 – Breakfast in Ramadan must contain a source of protein, such as animal protein, such as meat of various types or plant protein, such as cowpea, beans and other nutrients.

3 – For the meal of Suhour should contain foods rich in protein, such as: milk, low-fat cheese, eggs or legumes such as beans and lentils in addition to other nutrients.

4 – Small meals should be taken during the period between breakfast and suhour to provide the body with the nutrients that are missing all day, and eating small meals at intervals.

5 – Eat fresh vegetables and fruits beside breakfast and Suhur, because they contain fibers that facilitate digestion.

6 – Drink water and fluids frequently during the period between breakfast and Suhur to moisturize the body constantly.

7 – Stay away from drinking coffee and tea, especially before the suhoor, because they produce urine, so as not to affect the desire to enter the toilet, which affects the hours of sleep.

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