Electricity bill, rising prices: the decalogue of saving

The announced increase in electricity bills is about to give Italian families the much feared sting, announced by the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani (who has not at the same time proposed interventions or solutions) and quantified in 40% more. This happens when the issue of energy consumption and the gradual transition to sustainable and renewable sources is at the center of the European political agenda. In the meantime, saving energy and limiting waste is the only concrete act to consider. Many small behaviors that, virtuously, on closer inspection recall the wise habits of grandmothers. Consumerismo no profit today disseminates a series of rules with useful tips to reduce spending up at 225 euros per year.

The decalogue to save

Electrical devices: avoid always leaving them on stand-by and unplug the chargers when not in use: you can save up to 56 euros per year.

Home appliances: start those with high consumption in the evening, on weekends, or when electricity rates are lower.

Lighting: take advantage of the sunlight by opening the curtains and shutters, turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms, use energy-saving light bulbs: you save up to 30 euros per year.

Air conditioners: they must be set to the right temperature and used only when necessary, preferring the dehumidifier that reduces consumption; always keep the filters clean and keep the windows closed by properly insulating the house: you save approx 50 euros a year.

Refrigerators: keep the fridge at least 20 cm away from the wall, to facilitate ventilation; do not overfill it and adjust the temperature to 6 ° C. Choose models with high energy savings: you save up to 23 euros a year.

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Washing machines: by lowering the washing temperature to 60 °, you can save about 3 euros per bill, obtaining results similar to those of a 90 ° cycle. Replacing the pre-wash by starting the washing machine for about ten minutes and then switching it off and leaving the clothes to soak for an hour saves money 1/3 of the electricity consumption.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher of energy class A +++ will save up to 30 euros per year. Avoid long washes that consume too much electricity, rather choose the ecological program that reduces the time and decreases the energy consumption of the dishwasher. Fill the basket to the maximum, limit the amount of detergent and remove food residues before placing the dishes inside, are other small tricks to adopt to waste less water and electricity up to 18 euros per year.

Vacuum cleaner: turn it off during the downtime of cleaning that does not require suction; better to avoid the turbo function which aggravates energy expenditure.

Televisions: Calibrate colors and brightness properly and use the eco-mode function to automatically reduce the consumption of 20%.

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