Electricity bills higher again. New Energa tariff and capacity fee

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved the distribution tariff of Energa Operator. The fall in rates will average 1.7%. However, this does not mean that we will pay less. In December 2020, the regulator also approved tariffs for the sale of energy to households who raise their bills on average by 3.6 percent. In addition, from January 1, 2021, energy distributors also charge consumers with capacity fee, increasing bills by another 16.5 percent.

The regulator has completed all proceedings regarding tariffs for energy distribution in 2021. The decrease in own rates in the Energa Operator tariff will be on average 1,7 proc. for all groups of recipients (decrease by 1,5 proc. for household consumers in group G11).

The power bill on the electricity bill

From January 1, 2021, energy distributors also receive energy from consumers the so-called power fee. Therefore, taking into account this fee, the average increase in the bill in the distribution part for all groups of customers connected to the Energa Operator network will be okay. 16.5 proc. (increase by okay. 11.5 proc. for household consumers in group G11).

This means that customers in the most common G11 tariff group will pay the distributor an average of approx. PLN 6.50 more per month, with the change taking into account the capacity fee rate. On the other hand, the average increase in the entire bill for recipients with comprehensive agreements and using the Energa Obrót or PGE Obrót Sprzedaż tariffs will be approx PLN 8 monthly.

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Higher tariff for the sale of energy

In December 2020, the President of ERO approved Energa new tariffs for the sale of energy to household consumers. As a result of this decision, the bills of household consumers purchasing energy from this supplier will be higher by okay. 3.6 proc.which corresponds about 1.5 PLN monthly. In the case of customers in G12 tariff groups, on average consuming much more electricity than the average customer, the nominal increase in fees will be correspondingly higher.


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