Electricity, Nutrition, Mobility: Interactive CO2 Calculator: Here you can test how much you consume in everyday life!


The "Fridays for Future" movement and the media presence of Greta Thunberg have shaken up politicians and society in the field of climate change in recent months – and sensitized them to the topic. But while researchers and the public are sometimes hotly debating diesel bans in cities or increasing flight taxes, a rethinking of everyday life is more crucial for many citizens.

Holiday in your own country, avoidance of plastic waste, regional food, green electricity: More and more people are wondering how they can improve their personal carbon footprint in everyday life. Of course, in order to answer that, one first has to get an overview of how many emissions are consumed daily and how high the individual CO2 balance is.

To make this calculation easier, the star in cooperation with KlimAKTIV, you can use a CO2 calculator to calculate your personal CO2 balance. Other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide are also taken into account.

+++ Click here for the interactive CO2 calculator – here the link: stern.de/co2+++

This is how the CO2 calculator works

The calculator is divided into two large areas. On the one hand, there is the CO2 balance, in which you can see based on the entered data, how much CO2 you use in total per year. To get the most accurate values, click through the five areas of heating, electricity, mobility, nutrition and other consumption and enter your consumption data. If you do not know the exact value – such as the exact annual power consumption – you can estimate it. Once you have entered all the data, the tool calculates the personal CO2 emissions and the saving / avoidance of emissions in tons per year. In order to be able to classify the value correctly, the average of the German population is displayed parallel to the personal result.Action Sustainability Bertelsmann Logo

The second pillar of the CO2 calculator deals with the climate scenario for the future on the basis of the consumption data entered. This part of the project allows you to simulate your own climate change scenario. It also offers recommendations for reducing emissions and puts them into a socio-political context. This means that you are not only shown what reductions of greenhouse gases can be achieved, but also to what extent they are politically and socially feasible. Based on five categories, the calculator asks for your personal views on climate protection. As an example, these could be the topics energy transition, diet change or mobility. If you are willing to give up a few things, you will get a forecast of how your carbon footprint will change over the next few years.


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