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Electromobility as a perfect blend of innovation, suitable for everyday use and sustainable: Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. introduces the next generation e.GO Mobile – e.wave X.

Aachen, Deutschland (ots / PRNewswire)

  • At the launch of the Berlin power plant, the next generation e.wave electric car platform was introduced, starting with e.wave X.
  • The event was supported by IFA, the world’s largest marketplace for consumer electronics.
  • You can now book e.wave X through e.GO web store or e.GO Connect application.
  • e.GO Mobile has also introduced a limited edition – e.wave NJR – in which only 31 units will be produced worldwide.
  • Neymar Jr. will drive an e.wave NJR, and proceeds from the sale of 30 other limited edition vehicles will be donated to the construction of a sustainable water project in Brazil.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, independent German electric car manufacturer, hosted a gala event in the presence of Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. to introduce its new generation of electric vehicles, starting with e.wave X.

Around 180 guests attended the exclusive presentation of one of the most innovative and sustainable urban electric vehicles. The event, which was broadcast live and supported by IFA – the world’s first market for consumer electronics and innovation – marked the beginning of the next chapter of e.GO Mobile.

Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, said during the event: “Accelerating sustainable mobility is central, not only to the future of our planet but also to dealing with the tectonic changes that we are facing. experience globally. “

With innovation and sustainability, the e.wave X offers more than just a means of transportation, but a real life. For brand new ambassador Neymar Jr., this is also a focal point for further development of sustainable mobility. He explains: “When you see this particular electric car being built, it’s like watching a 3D artwork come to you in a matter of minutes. It’s not just a car, it’s a statement that combines innovation with suitability for everyday use in a lifetime. “

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e.GO Mobile builds electric vehicles in a unique way in the industry, using advanced robotics, a leading IT architecture in Internet production of technology and an innovative exterior that is not only more resistant to dents and scratches but also offers the possibility to change the exterior (re-skinning) to allow different color options over the life cycle of the car.

Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH, said: “IFA NEXT is the center of IFA Berlin’s innovation and leads industry and the public to innovation. Here you will find the most intelligent technology, where sustainability must of course be the focus. And this is where the biggest crowd and the biggest buzz. That’s why IFA NEXT is the perfect platform for e.wave X e.GO Mobile and we look forward to hosting its public launch. “

e.wave the X was deliberately designed to be practical and suitable for everyday use. With dimensions optimized for a four-seater that fit into almost any parking space, amazing driving dynamics make driving a pleasure, a smart and best-designed battery solution that offers comfort, an ultra-wide display and many intelligent and connected functions that creating a unique user experience created, it meets the needs of modern, urban.

The e.wave X reservation campaign started today. Customers have the option to reserve a car on the e.GO website or through the e.GO Connect application. At the start of the Next.e.GO Mobile SE “Green on and off the pitch” campaign, all reservations are free for the first ten days.

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