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Elegant living room: the perfect Ikea furniture

Are you looking for inspiration to furnish your living room? If you plan to follow a modern and elegant style, there may be some valid advice in the Ikea catalog. Let’s find out together which are the perfect furniture to furnish your living room by combining practicality and beauty!

L’area stay it is certainly one of the most used in the whole house. The sitting room it must be functional to the needs of the family, with a space for the relax, a piece of furniture that allows you to store everything possible when you arrange it and with a touch of style that makes the environment more welcoming.

There are several features they can list, but if you are thinking about creating a stay modern and elegant, Ikea has some ideas for you!

Sofa and sofa bed

Combining practicality and elegance, the sofa perfect for an elegant and modern living room could be the one with the wide armrests. By also choosing an armrest tray there may be the possibility of enjoying an aperitif while watching TV in complete relaxation, also sipping a glass of wine. The Vimle model Of Ikea, for example, it responds perfectly to these characteristics.

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Not only that, if you have the space and the possibility, the stay it can also be the environment that hosts a comfortable sofa read. Ideal for guests, you can add a basket with towels and blankets, transforming the space into a perfect place to sleep!

Le luci

To create a environment welcoming and familiar, the lights are also very important. Here because Ikea recommends choosing lights with warm shades, which blend perfectly with the surrounding environment and make the stay even more comfortable. If you want to buy one lamp, you can bet on a design minimalnot invasive but still very elegant and refined.

And cell phones

To give movement to the living room, it is advisable to choose the doors as furniture. The line The best Of Ikea offers many different solutions with the possibility of customizing the combination, opting for symmetry or for an alternation of orientation. THE furniture with doors they guarantee elegance but also great practicality, with lots of space available to put objects.

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