Elena Delle's status is not clear Donne, but Mystics welcomes Emma Meesseman back


Washington Mystics guard Natasha Cloud briefly stopped the practice on Friday afternoon to congratulate her colleagues.

Follow the message from the Mystics voice of the unhappy word during five-five drills, and Elena Delle Donne was suffering watching the bench and preparing to face the Las Vegas Aces Entertainment and Sports Arena in first exhibition in the WNBA.

“This team must be stricter,” said Cloud after a closed staff meeting with Mystics Coach and General Manager, Mike Thibault. “We are a championship team. I will say to everyone, ‘This is a championship or bust this year. 'That's the team we have, but, you know, Elena goes down and we lose two about 20 and more, and that's not okay.'

According to Thibault, Delle Donne will decide on a time-game under further testing in the league's joint competition protocol. The six took to the lonely face of the first play of a Sunday road game against Los Angeles Sparks. She left with a broken nose and did not return, and lost the Mystics, 98-81.

Delle Donne puts the Mystics in charge in scoring (15.8 points per game) and rebounding (8.2) and is tied for the third part in aid (2.3). The WNBA MVP was announced in 2014 as a team captain for the All-Star Game as a polling pioneer in a fan ballot.

With Delle Donne also sitting on Wednesday's home match, The Mystics (9-5) lost the Phoenix Mercury, 91-68.

However, there have been reinforcements. Emma Meesseman returned to the practice on Thursday after losing 11 matches during the Belgian national team at the EuroBasket championship.

“I think I have a good memory,” said Meesseman after her first full practice with Washington in five weeks. “I've been playing here for a few years, so it's not new to me. I don't think I've gone for a month. He is still the same people, and I am still the same person. ”

The original plan was to bring Meesseman off the bench in his first handful of games back. If, however, Delle Donne is not available to play against the Aces (10-5), who has the best record in the series, then Meesseman may be coming to start on Saturday night.

“It's obviously only two days,” said Thibault from Meesseman, star star of 2015 who sat the 2018 WNBA season to take a break as well as focus on her national team responsibilities. “The plays were once again great to learn and shoot, and today I was in live contact, but she's a good player who fits with her again.” T

Meesseman comes with the Mystics trying to avoid their first three-game streab this season and playing his second game against Las Vegas in eight days.

The most recent teams met in July 5 in Las Vegas in a suspended half-time game, with the coming Mystics, 51-36, due to an earthquake in Southern California reviving their parts of Nevada. .

No date was decided to continue this game, but Saturday night's victory would ensure that Mystics pioneered the series of regular seasons through a match. Washington won the first meeting against Aces, 95-72, on 20 June at Mandalay Harbor Events Center behind 29 points, 11 returns and three blocks from Delle Donne, who did not speak to Friday reporters.

“You have to be able to play without it,” said Cloud. “Elena is our best player. I love her. She is a great leader for us, but we must be mindful that she is not playing because we were sorry for herself that she is not playing.

“Everyone knows that there are 18 to 20 points missing. We got Emma back now, but I have included myself, I have to go on. I'm very sharp on the ball, so I'm going out of my head and just able to turn up for my colleague when she's injured. ”

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